Many of Dáiddadállu's artists have achieved significant recognition both nationally and internationally, and now you can benefit from their expertise through Dáiddadállu's specially designed seminars.

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Gain access to expertise and inspiration from renowned Sami artists and professionals through Dáiddadállu's artistic seminars in Guovdageaidnu or another location.

At Dáiddadállu, we offer a wide range of seminars that can be customized to meet your needs. Whether it's a half-day seminar or a full-day seminar, we will carefully select artists who match the theme you wish to focus on. With this DD service, you receive a facilitator with firsthand knowledge of suitable artists and professionals in the Sami art field.

You can choose to outsource your entire seminar to Dáiddadállu, or we can collaborate to tailor the seminar to your specific wishes and needs. We can also offer emcee services to ensure a smooth and professional execution of the seminar.

The service can also be delivered as a total package where we handle everything related to the seminar from start to finish.


The Dáiddadállu Artistic Seminar service always includes:

  • An initial meeting to map out needs together with Dáiddadállu
  • Curation of content and artists tailored to your needs and our available resources
  • An artistically responsible person who ensures the quality of the service
  • A guarantee for the number of artists represented
  • A dedicated coordinator who handles all the practicalities and is your point of contact
  • Contracts with artist partners and speakers so you don't have to worry about this
  • The option of an emcee with language choices: Northern Sami, Norwegian, and English
  • Agreement for the rental of premises and catering for the event
  • Dáiddadállu takes care of all agreements, so you only need to deal with one supplier


If you desire a one-stop solution for your entire seminar, we can also offer these services through our administration and our subcontractors, at set prices:

  • Development of marketing materials if the seminar is open to the public:
  • Digital advertising, creation of posters, and programs
  • Preparation of press releases and pitching to relevant media
  • Streaming of the seminar
  • Photography services; a photographer during the event with a digital photo series for use on social media, websites
  • Registration system – Digital link and form for registration
  • Organizing seminars in Guovdageaidnu / Kautokeino
  • Basic translations of the program and similar materials
  • Assistance with recommendations for interpreting services
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We recommend that you start planning early to ensure the best possible outcome for your seminar. Contact us to schedule an initial meeting with our team.


Price for the initial meeting: NOK 2,500,-
Present from Dáiddadállu: administrative staff, artistic director, and relevant artist partners as needed.
Seminar starting price: NOK 79,000,-
Does not include rental of premises and catering.

Transparent Pricing Model 

  • Dáiddadállu operates with a transparent pricing model. 
  • The price reflects the actual costs for both artist partners and the administration, in addition to a portion that goes directly to the artist network
  • Dáiddadállu is a non-profit corporation where all profits are dedicated to Dáiddadállu's objectives.
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Dáiddadállu's services are provided by Dáiddadállu's administration in collaboration with artist partners.