How the DD services came to be

Our administration with limited resources, experienced high demand both nationally and internationally. Read how we met the demand and created a win-win situation for all involved, and now can offer services that always benefit our Sámi artists.

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Sámi Art in Demand - The Administration's Dilemma 

Sámi art is gaining popularity both nationally and internationally. As a Sámi artists' network, this has over several years led to numerous inquiries from both far and near for our small but hardworking administration.

However, the administration was primarily established to promote and facilitate the Sámi artists' collective, so how were we to allocate resources when more and more wanted a piece of our administration? Was it right to allocate so many of our artist partners' resources externally? The answer became Dáiddadállu's services.

A Good Deal Has Only Winners 

At Dáiddadállu, we are focused on human sustainability. There should be a fair and healthy balance in everyone's work situation, and resources should be used justly and sustainably. The solution was to gather the most common requests and design services based on these. In addition, we offer tailored services by agreement.

We offer these services with a transparent pricing model that covers the actual costs for both the artist partners and the administration, plus a small cut that goes to our unique Sámi artists' collective. This means that every time you use Dáiddadállu's services, you are helping to give Sámi artists a fair wage and simultaneously supporting our work for Sámi artists so that we can help develop and reach even more people with Sámi art. A win-win situation for both our eminent Sámi artists' network, the administration which will be able to hire personnel as needed, and for you as interested parties and customers who will receive the services you desire.

A Non-Profit Network 

Dáiddadállu is a non-profit corporation where the surplus always goes to the purpose of the Sámi artists' network.

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