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Looking for an inspiring setting for your next exhibition, networking event, cultural gathering, or professional seminar?

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Serving as hosts has naturally become one of our activities over the years, and we are now professionalizing this service by offering DD as your hosting partner. Here are some instances where engaging Dáiddadállu as your host can be both inspiring and relevant:
  • Exhibitions
  • Networking gatherings
  • Professional seminars or workshops
  • Cultural and entertainment events
  • Celebrations
  • Welcoming guests to Sápmi
Dine Arnannguaq Fenger Lynge

«As hosts, our focus is to create an inspiring and safe space that opens doors to new perspectives, rooted in Sami philosophy and values.»

↳ CEO Dine Arnannguaq Fenger Lynge
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Dáiddadállu as Hosts, an Overview 

  • In collaboration with OCA, we hosted various curators from around the world. 
  • Through our projects SápmiToo and EadnametMaid, we served as hosts for approximately 100 - 200 participants, including artists, curators, cultural workers, institutions, professionals, and the public. 
  • Local exhibitions and the dissemination of Sami art in collaboration with the National Museum included:
    - "Pile Of Sápmi Supreme": The Art Comes Home
    - Skakke Folkedrakter (Crooked National Costumes) 
  • In partnership with the indigenous festival Riddu Riđđu, along with other Sami actors, we hosted "The Whole World to Sápmi." 
  • Guest performances included "Vástádus Eana" and "Strangers Within."


Price for the initial meeting: NOK 2,500,-
Present from Dáiddadállu: administrative staff, artistic director, and relevant artist partners as needed. After the initial meeting, we will be able to provide you with a comprehensive price estimate.

Transparent Pricing Model 

  • Dáiddadállu operates with a transparent pricing model. 
  • The price reflects the actual costs for both artist partners and the administration, in addition to a portion that goes directly to the artist network.
  • Dáiddadállu is a non-profit corporation where all profits are dedicated to Dáiddadállu's objectives.

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Enrich your event with an artist talk. We can curate art-related programs or initiate presentations and dissemination of Sami art.

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