Offer your guests an extraordinary art experience with an indoor or outdoor exhibition. We have both ready-made exhibitions and we curate on demand.

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Exhibition Rental

In 2023, Dáiddadállu's exhibitions have echoed across the entire Oslofjord, been shown digitally on a 500 square meter roof, traveled in snowstorms alongside the Finnmark Race's world championship in dog sledding, decorated the streets of Greenland during the Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival before the exhibition returned home again. We are ready to offer you a fully curated exhibition or to curate an exhibition according to your wishes.

Ready-made Exhibitions 

DDDDD - Duot dát DD Dáidda is an exhibition that we curated in spring 2023. The exhibition can be displayed both indoors and outdoors and is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. The exhibition is relevant to current times and available for rent. Read more in the section below.

Curated Exhibitions 

Dáiddadállu curates exhibitions. Our artistically responsible staff ensures the quality of all our services. Curating an exhibition can take some time, so please contact us well in advance.

We offer:

  • Outdoor exhibitions
  • Digital exhibitions, for example, on buildings, in the urban landscape, on screens during events/seminars, or on displays. The sky is the limit
  • Exhibition for your event, such as festivals, seminars, conferences, or meetings
  • Exhibition for your institution or workplace
  • Exhibition including the opening of the exhibition by and with artists
  • Exhibition including artist talks and presentations
  • Exhibition including performance
  • It is possible to both purchase and rent Dáiddadállu's curated exhibitions
  • We ship worldwide, the buyer pays for shipping
Dáiddadállu administration

Dáiddadállu administration

Photo: Per Heimly


Price for the initial meeting: NOK 2,500,-
Present from Dáiddadállu: administrative staff, artistic director, and relevant artist partners as needed. After the initial meeting, we will be able to provide you with a comprehensive price estimate.

Transparent Pricing Model 

  • Dáiddadállu operates with a transparent pricing model. 
  • The price reflects the actual costs for both artist partners and the administration, in addition to a portion that goes directly to the artist network.
  • Dáiddadállu is a non-profit corporation where all profits are dedicated to Dáiddadállu's objectives.
Máret Ánne Sara

Máret Ánne Sara, cofounder of Dáiddadállu
Photo: Per Heimly

«When you use Dáiddádallu's services, you are helping to provide Sámi artists with a fair wage and simultaneously supporting Dáiddádallu's work for Sámi artists!»

↳ Máret Ánne Sara, cofounder of Dáiddadálu

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