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Sámi Grand Prix in Kautokeino

News 29.03.21

The Sámi Grand Prix is one of the big highlights of the year for many, including our artist partner Ken Are Bongo. Bongo has worked as festival manager for the Sami Easter Festival since 2019, and is now in full swing with the completion of the Sámi Grand Prix 2021, which this year was recorded in TV studios in Kautokeino, Kiruna, Inar and Moscow. - The Sámi Grand Prix contributes annually to newly composed joik and music in Sámi being released and to new stars from Sápmi being born. It is the biggest music competition we have for Sami music, says Bongo.

The competition is streamed

This year's Sami Grand Prix starts on Easter evening at 18:00 on NRK 2. The competition consists of a joike and a song part where all entries must be newly composed and in Sami. The artists represented come from all over Sápmi. The festival manager is looking forward to the start of the show.

- Producing this year's SGP, which will be broadcast on NRK2, has been an incredibly exciting and fun experience. It is a very important competition for Sami joik and music and we have participants from all over Sápmi, which with the current situation has meant that we had to create TV studios and have crew from all 4 countries in order to carry out the competition. In addition, voting takes place directly from Kautokeino and everyone can vote for their favourite. They tingle all over my body and I am very excited for SGP 2021, says Bongo.

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Dáiddadállu with several artist partners in this year's SGP

One of the artists for the song part of this year's competition is our artist partner Ingá Márjá Sarre. She participates with the well-known rapper Ailu Valle, and together they have the song Beassášlihkku. Sarre has been waiting a long time for this event, and is very much looking forward to it.

- It will be incredibly fun, and really is a dream that is now coming true, says Ingá Márjá.

One of the most important events for Sami music

In 1990, the Sámi Grand Prix was organized for the first time, where the purpose was to bring out newly composed joiks and songs in Sami and which since then has produced 176 songs and 289 joiks, of which 311 have been published. In connection with Áillohaš's 50th birthday, a music prize was created in his name in 1993. The music prize is the most important in Sápmi and is awarded annually to a joiker, musician or artist who has distinguished himself.

- Our aim is to increase interest in an endangered Sami language and that as many Sami language areas as possible should be represented in this music competition. In 2019, participants from as many as 6 out of a total of 10 Sami language areas were represented. Our major goal is that all 10 Sami language areas are represented. We still have a long way to go, but we are well on our way, concludes the festival director.