Launch av DD nettside

Dáiddadállu launches new website and visual profile!

News 20.02.24

It is with great pleasure that we can finally launch both the new website and give our wonderful artist partners the best presentation they deserve in our window to the world.


Not least, we are happy to share our new visual identity and the DD services that we hope companies, organisations, institutions and others will use in the future. Every time you use the DD services, you are helping to support Sami art and Sami artists. The new visual identity and the website including its content are part of our concrete results from Dáiddadallu's three-year project: N2 - Product development and economic innovation within Sami art.

The project's aim has been to establish, develop and establish sustainable systems in Dáiddadállu in order to turn the demand we experience in the Sami art field into the greatest possible value for our artist partners, Dáiddadállu as an institution and for the Sami community.

Through the project, we have developed and professionalized services that we experience demand for, have the expertise to deliver and which contribute to increased visibility and profitability for the individual artist partner.

The project manager for N2 and the websites has been Anja Graven from House Of Sápmi and in close collaboration with the administration in Dáiddadállu.
Sami holistic way of thinking and values have been central to all stages of the entire project. 

Through ráđđádallamat in the resource group, we have come up with exciting and sustainable solutions, which we believe and hope will bring the best for all of us. We are looking forward to the continuation!


We would like to extend a big thank you to the N2 program at/Troms and Finnmark County Council, the Ministry of Culture, the Office of the Norwegian Government, and Hermetikken for the project collaboration and funding.

Per Heimly for the photos

Feed for visual identity and design of the website

Our eminent artist partners

The N2 project's resource group