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Ken Are Bongo + Post-Capitalist Architecture TV

News 25.05.20

Joar Bongo's sprinter, which has been converted into a mobile TV Studio, has arrived in Dáiddadállu, where Ken Are and Joar have been working on finalizing the TV series as the first episode!

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Dáiddadállu's film producer and film director Ken Are Bongo is currently working with the renowned Sami artist and architect Joar Nango, to create Post-Capitalist architecture TV for the Festspillene i Bergen and Bergen Kunsthall, with good help from the Tromsø Artists' Association.

What is Post-Capitalist Architecture TV?

Post-capitalist architecture - TV is a specially produced TV series about the architecture after the fall of capitalism in three parts. The series introduces central themes for the upcoming festival exhibition that Nango will have in Bergen Kunsthall in September 2020. The series introduces central themes for the upcoming exhibition and gives an insight into Nango's working environment, his collaborators and friends in Sápmi, as well as working methods and theoretical perspectives.

In an informal setting with both music and guests, themes such as "neo-post-materialism, the needed pragmatics of decolonialisation and the belief that the thing is born materialized without the need for human spiritualisation assistance" are presented.

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