Festspillene i Nord-Norge

News 03.06.21

We have several artists at this year's festival, and have collected their performances here.

The answer is Land 2 Photo Antero Hein 2048x1365

The Arctic Arts Festival started in Harstad in 1965. During the summer solstice in June every year, it organizes an 8-day international arts festival, dedicated to music, theatre, dance and performing arts. With a location at 68° north, the festival is firmly rooted in and takes its point of departure in the north, where they facilitate and highlight creative processes, artistic exchange and local unity.

Vástádus eana - The answer is land

Elle Sofe Sara's performance is also this year's opening performance, which takes the audience on a dance-joik walk in Harstad. Vástádus eana- The answer is land is a performance that, through dance and joik, reflects on the power of standing together and the awareness of the earth we all stand on and share.

- My wish with the performance is to give the audience the bodily experience of being together in movement and joicing and feeling like part of something bigger, says artistic director and choreographer Elle Sofe Sara.

The 7 female performers on stage are renowned dancers, joikers and singers. The musical expression in the performance is polyphonic joik composed by Frode Fjellheim.

When: 19.06 at 15:00 and 19:00 and 20.06. at: 13:00 and 18:00

Where: Great hall, Harstad Kulturhus

Underwater girl 2021 alexander browne web


Wondering what it would be like to live underwater? In the tale of the underwater girl, you meet Čázevulošnieida, daughter of Čáhceháldi - the Sea Guardian, a mysterious figure who is both next to, above and below the sea.

Artist partner Ingá Márjá Sarre is an actor and joiker in the performance.

When: 19.6.21 bran. 11:00 and 20.6.21 at 11:00 Where: Harstad city center

Mari boine credit gregor hohenberg 005

Mari Boine

Mari Boine is finally coming back to the Festivals in Northern Norway! Mari Boine is one of Norway's best vocalists, the biggest Sami icon of our time, who creates music in the borderland between Sami and other folk music, rock and jazz.

When: 23.6.21 at: 18:00

Where: Great hall, Harstad Kulturhus



Musical narrative theater based on true stories from the borderland between Norway, Finland and Russia. The audience follows Anna and her family through stories about escape and homeland, about meetings and farewells, about a legendary bar in Boris Gleb, about the world's deepest man-made hole and a bicycle that survives everything. The stories are woven together with joik and song.
Artist partner Ráwdna Carita Eira is a dramaturg and screenwriter. Beaivváš Sámi Náshunálateater produces the show together with Ferske Scener.