Venice Biennale and Árran 360° in Venice

  • Project type Exhibition
  • Location Venezia, Italy

Thanks to our partners and financiers, Sámediggi - the Sami Parliament, Troms and Finnmark County Council, Ovddos and the Norwegian Culture Council, Dáiddadállu has the opportunity to invest both on a large scale and internationally to promote Sami art and give our artists unique opportunities.

Never before has so much Sami art and so many Sami artists been given a well-deserved place on the world's biggest art scene, and we are proud that Dáiddadállu is strongly represented both through our talented artists, but also as an institution. The Venice Biennale has been a great arena for Dáiddadállu to make contacts and showcase our work to key people in the cultural scene, private investors and decision-makers, which we believe will have an impact in the future.

While one of Dáiddadállu's founders Máret Ánne Sara has exhibited and participated in the historic The Sámi Pavilion, DáiddadálluD artist Elle Márjá Eira has premiered the film "EALLU - GIRDNU / REINDEER CORRAL" in collaboration with the International Sámi Film Institute's innovative project ÁRRAN 360 °. For the occasion, Dáiddadállu produced The Grand Opening by ÁRRAN 360° with top-shelf artistic elements. Dáiddadállu's administration has worked hard and purposefully to curate and produce a powerful and memorable artistic opening program that hits both the thoughts, emotions and celebration nerve of the audience and those involved to celebrate Sami art and this unique event.

REINDEER CORRAL Elle Marja Eira foto Anne Katja Gaup 33
REINDEER CORRAL Elle Marja Eira foto Anne Katja Gaup 35
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