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Windmills to Oslofjord!

News 31.05.23

- It must be both big and showy, painful, intimate, beautiful, poetic and painful when
we will talk about ongoing human rights violations and reconciliation in the same
breath, says artist and artistic director of Dáiddadállu, Maret Anne Sara.

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From "just" an exhibition to a full invasion of Sami art

Dáiddadállu takes over SALT Art & Music from 31 May to 27 June. What was "just" supposed to be a display of the exhibition DDDDD - Duot Dát DD Dáidda ended up being a full invasion of Sami art on the huge and popular SALT platform.

- This is what happens when creative souls meet. Things just happen and ideas grow, say Erlend Mogård and Maret Anne Sara, the founders behind SALT OG Dáiddadállu.

Art all over the Oslofjord

The stage is set for a completely new sound work presented in a metal container, a visual art exhibition on the "street" and an ambitious design and sound show which popping up during the twilight hours of the exhibition period. The dimensions of the art displays should potentially be seen and heard all over Bjørvika.

- For me, there is something mentally important in reversing the mechanisms and being able to invade back. Demanding space and forcing the majority - and society's power - into a reality that one does not choose or naturally want. That's what I often do with art and maybe that's why I like to express myself as much as possible in public spaces, says Sara, who has created the new sound work in collaboration with Dáiddadállu, Tenhaus Oslo and SALT.

- We have long been working on a large visual project where the idea is to be able to project on

the large roof surfaces we have in the fish-helle architecture at SALT. When the collaboration with Dáiddadállu arose, we had to intensify our work in order to test the concept in this large thematic context, says Erlend Mogård Larsen.

Skjermbilde 2023 05 31 kl 11 45 56

Art as a tool

DD founder Maret Anne Sara is not a foreign power-critical voice either in the Oslo context or as artist. In 2017, she demonstrated in front of the Storting with her legendary work Pile o´Sápmi Supreme, which is today the attraction of the new National Museum.

- It feels good to work like this again. Intense and instinctive, with art as a tool in an ongoing and topical political matter. I hope many people come by and perhaps have an experience that invites new information, new perspectives and critical thinking, says Sara, who is exhibiting for the occasion together with a wide range of others

Sami artists from Dáiddadállu who, among other things, have initiated study tours at Fovsen Njaarke and Storheia wind farm facilities, for their artists and collaboration partners at Tenthaus Oslo in 2022. The results of the studies and collaboration will be presented at the SALT exhibition and contextualized with artist talks in occasion of the opening of the works on 31 May and 1 June.

Diverse and exciting arena

- At SALT, we work actively to create an open and inclusive space where everyone is different art forms and perspectives can flourish. We want to offer an atmosphere that invites dialogue, reflection and exploration of Sami contemporary art. There's a lot going on exciting within Sami contemporary art. Sami art should be just as natural in Oslo as in the north, says Siril Bull Henstein, general manager at SALT and invites to exhibition opening, concert and artist talks 31 May at 17:00 and 1 June at 18:00.

- June can be exciting during the twilight hours here at SALT. During exhibition period, you will be surprised by pop-up art interventions that illuminate and radiates beyond the whole of Bjørvika, says Erlend Mogård Larsen.

Dáiddadállu and SALT thank the Sami Parliament for project support.