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Premiere: Koke Bjørn

News 03.03.21

Sámi Našunálateáhter Beaivváš celebrates 40 years this year! Our artist partners Rawdna Carita Eira, Roger Ludvigsen and Anitta Suikkari work at Beaivváš, and are in full swing with preparations for the performance "Koke Bjørn", which will premiere next Friday 5 March in Kautokeino. We have had a chat with Rawdna Carita, the show's supervisor.

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Our artist partners

Tell us about the show. What is Koke Bjorn?

Koke Bjørn is a crime story and a love story that takes place around 1850 in Pajala. Dean Læstadius and his wife Britta Kasja have taken in the Sami boy Jussi. The beautiful maid Maria is Jussi's great love, but he is constantly misunderstood and almost gets beaten up. Suddenly there are several assaults and murders of women in Pajala, and the dean and Jussi start their own investigation. The authorities do not want to know that the provost and Jussi are joining the investigation - they have concluded that a bear is on the loose. But the dean and Jussi do not give up. They are afraid that Maria could be the killer's next victim - but who is he? Mikael Niemi himself says that this is the story of Jussi and Maria and a murderer, and that the action is inspired by Lars Levi Læstadius' real life (even if the murderer's story is a fictional story).

What will it be like to do a show again?

It feels incredibly good! We've had fantastic rehearsals out on Gilišiljju with the northern lights dancing above us (I think Roger likes his music :)), the full moon has been up and the temperature has been ok. We are privileged to be able to go out and work instead of shutting down completely. And we have the world's best team!

Tell about their roles in the performance.

I am an inspector - that is, the person who arranges trial plans and infrastructure and makes sure that everyone knows where they should be at all times. I also keep track of all changes to the script along the way, help the technical department with que-lists for what they have to do, help the information department so that they get the information and what they need, I follow up with the costume department so that the costumes are in place, and I make coffee and arrange snacks for the breaks. It is important when we work outside. In a way, my role is to be everyone's biiga and everyone's áhkku.

Roger composes music and is responsible for the entire musical soundscape. Anitta is one of the narrators on stage in the storytelling collective, and she plays three roles: Kristina, the mother of a girl who is assaulted and mistreated, the farm boy HeinoElina Mukko – another woman.

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Dá fas Rawdna Carita Eira ja dáiddárguoibmi Roger Ludvigsen. 

You have started rehearsals on the outdoor stage. How has it gone so far - does it take more to stand on an outdoor stage versus inside a hall?

For my work, we have to make sure that we get enough breaks so that people don't freeze, we have to make sure to dry the costumes every night and there is a bit more work with transporting things to and from Gilišilju. We also have a cold limit of 20 degrees, so we follow the weather forecast and measure the temperature and wind on the playground. So far it has gone relatively well. After all, we are outside, so then we have to relate to nature. And then we are in the middle of the village, so there will be sounds from vehicles etc. and not quite as quiet as in a theatre. But I think it works very well on Gilišilju., and it's great to work between the old buildings!

We at Dáiddadállu are very excited and wish you the best of luck with the show! The premiere is sold out, but there are still tickets for other screenings. Find tickets here: beaivvas.no

Vuoššat Guovžža – Cook Bear:

By: Mikael Niemi

Script & Director: Leif Stinnerbom

Costume designer: Inger Stinnerbom

Set designer: Ole Thomas D. Nilut

Composer & Musician: Roger Ludvigsen

Joik composer & Joiker: Iŋgor Ántte Áilu Gaup

Choreographer and assistant director: Jimmy Meurling

Lighting designer: Øystein Heitmann, Hålogaland theatre

Sami translation: Britt-Inga Vars

Actors: Nils Henrik Buljo, Emil Karlsen, Mary Sarre, Marte Fjellheim Sarre, Iŋgor Ántte Áilu Gaup, Paul Ottar Haga, Eila Ballovara Varsi, Jakob Hultcrantz, Egil Keskitalo, Anitta Suikkari