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New, large production: Dáiddadállu Stories

News 27.02.20

Visual artists, filmmakers, actors, writers, dancers, producers and musicians. We have many different artists in the collective. Now their stories must be told.

"Dáiddadállu stories" is a visualization project based on who our artists are, their backgrounds and stories. We have started filming the film series "Dáiddadállu stories", and through the short film clips you will have the opportunity to get to know our individual artists better, but also with our collective.

It is often asked what is Dáiddadállu? Who stays here and what do we do. In the film series, we have one of the videos specifically about the house, the collective, the start of Dáiddadállu and why it came to be, and not least what future we have in store! It is perhaps this video that we are most excited to share from the "Dáiddadállu Stories" series!

P Jlisa

The project is done by artists from Dáiddadállu. The collective has engaged members Lisa Marie Kristensen and Per Josef Idivuoma to be responsible for directing, filming and editing.

Lisa Marie Kristensen has worked in SVT Sápmi and otherwise with her own projects in the production company Forest People AS. She has also been a feature producer in many major Sami TV series, such as "Sápmi Sessions" and "Smaker fra Sápmi". Lisa is also current with her own podcast series "Gáfestallan Lisain".

Per Josef Idivuoma is one of our multi-artists; he is a vocalist in the band "Mollet", graphic designer and film producer and creator. Among other things, he has produced and directed "Boom Boom" (2018), "Ellos Sápmi" (2015) and "Lappdjävel" (2010).

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Although the films have not been published and made public yet, we have shown some of the films in smaller and larger contexts, we showed e.g. one of Dáiddadállu Stories during the "Kultur Sápmi" collection in autumn 2019 in Kiruna on the Swedish side of Sápmi. The film was received with great enthusiasm and new collaborations were created.

We are very much looking forward to showing these films to the rest of the world. We have so many talented artists in the collective and with these portrait films we get to show their unique stories, and not least the history of our collective. In Dáiddadállu, we are also proud to be able to carry out a project such as "Dáiddadállu stories" by, for and with our members and their strong professional knowledge. We can't wait until next week for the series' release!

Dáiddadállu stories are part of our visualization project which is funded by:

- The Cultural Council (more about the funds and a video about us here.)

- The Sami Council

– Sparebank 1 Northern Norway

– Finnmark County Municipality