Ánne Kátjá Gaup. Photo: Tanja Norbye

Grandchild behind the camera on a short film about Karen Anna Logje Gaup

News 06.10.21

Dáiddadállu happily invites you to the exhibition Alle mine rein kenner jeg/Karen Anna and her siida 1986-2020 with artist partner Ánne Kátjá Gaup's first short film and Grete Andrea Kvaal's photo exhibition which was photographed over 30 years ago.

My reindeer, I know them all. Photo by Grete Andrea Kvaal

My reindeer, I know them all. Photo by Grete Andrea Kvaal

Artist partner Ánne Kátjá Gaup is a photographer and filmmaker, and also works in Dáiddadállu. Together with film director Grete Andrea Kvaal, she has made the short film Alle mine rein kenner jeg, which is now being shown in Kautokeino. Kvaal is also a photographer and filmmaker. In the late 1980s, she photographed Ánne Kátjá's grandmother, Karen Anna Logje Gaup, and her siida.

The exhibition consists of the film from 2020 and Kvaal's pictures from over 30 years ago. This is how past and present are linked. Both the film and the photographs are a documentation of a culture in strong change, and which could mean something for posterity.

Three years ago Grete Andrea met Ánne Kátjá and an exciting collaboration was established:

- It has been a pleasure to work with Ánne Kátjá. Despite a large age difference and different cultural backgrounds, we often discovered that we thought alike, and had a common understanding of how progress should be. We complemented each other in knowledge and experience, which was an enrichment for the collaboration. As the granddaughter of the main character, Karen Anna, and a student at the TV school in 2018, it was natural to ask her to be a collaboration partner. Ánne Kátjá's knowledge of film and her relationship with Karen Anna meant security which was important for the collaboration between the three of us. It will also be exciting to return to Kautokeino with photos taken a generation ago. The last time some of the pictures were exhibited there was in the late 1980s, says Kvaal.

Looking forward to showing the exhibition in the home village

The film and the exhibition have spent the last year wandering around Northern Norway, and finally the exhibition will be shown in Ánne Kátjá's home. She is looking forward to showing the film and the exhibition in Kautokeino:

- I am happy that Dáiddadállu has invited us and our exhibition to Kautokeino. Via Dáiddadállu, we have a professional body and environment that works with, among other things, financing, planning and implementation of projects. It is also very fun to take part in this project. First of all, it was special to film my own grandmother, who is so incredibly precious to me, and who is also my role model. Secondly, to work with Grete and her exhibition with photos of my own family and reindeer herding district. I think Grete is tough as she followed grandma and our sister's work in the reindeer herding all year round - for many years! She has done an incredibly important job of documenting reindeer herding Sami and reindeer herding, and I am proud to work with her, says Ánne Kátjá.

Ánne Kátjá Gaup and Grete Andrea Kvaal. Photo: Ánne Kátjá Gaup

Ánne Kátjá Gaup and Grete Andrea Kvaal. Photo: Ánne Kátjá Gaup


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