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The long-awaited artistic collaboration is taking shape

News 27.03.23

Dáiddadállu and Sámi allaskuvla/Sámi university have long had dialogue and a common desire to collaborate more closely within the development of Sámi art academia. Now they inaugurate the dream and the collaboration by inviting a joint art bath at Diehtosiida (Sámi allaskuvla) on 28 March 2023.

The artists Rawdna Carita Eira, Máret Ánne Sara, Joar Nango and duojáre Inga Elisa Påve Idivuoma, Sara Inga Utsi Bongo and Berit Kristine Guvsam will come to share how themes, methods and materials affect their work and which themes apply to their work today. The seminar is open to all interested parties and is organized by Sámi allaskuvla and Dáiddadállu for the exchange of knowledge and experiences between the academic professional community and the art community.

Decolonizing the art field for Sápmi

- I am so happy that we are taking this step, because it is about both developing ourselves and the Sami art field. I personally care a lot about how the large Norwegian structures we live in affect us in both human, practical and principle levels without us perhaps being fully aware of it in our daily routines. Thinking up new strategies and ways of working from a purely Sami perspective is incredibly important, large and exciting work. It is about breaking down fixed, alien mindsets in favor of designing our own, healthy, ethical and well-functioning ways of acting within a Western system that we have to deal with whether we want to or not. The Sámi Allaskuvla are enormously skilled at this, something they have worked with in several fields, at the same time the Sámi art field is relatively unplowed ground", says Dáiddadállu's founder and head of art, Máret Ánne Sara.

Cooperation appreciated

Allaskuvla is also looking forward to an art bath and a long-term collaboration with the artists.

- We look forward to being able to collaborate with Dáiddadállu, which is a dynamic Sami artist network that has shown that it is possible to reach out into the world. Sámi allaskuvla and the duodji profession have also worked for a number of years to give duodji a voice and practicing duodji is a way of expressing oneself, on the same level as other forms of expression. We believe the collaboration with Dáiddadállu will generate that we can have innovative conversations and projects together", says Gunvor Guttorm, professor of Duodji at Sami University.

Official reopening of Dáiddadállu

After several difficult years with covid and housing crisis, Dáiddadállu finally reopens at Easter in a new building in Guovdageaidnu. It is celebrated not only with an art bath and professional exchange with the Sami University, but also with an art exhibition both inside and outside Dáiddadállu's new premises at Čuonjáluodda 9. Here, a unique Easter exhibition with new works from many of Dáiddadállu's artists is offered in addition to the outdoor exhibition DDDDD - Duo Dát DD Dáidda, who this year toured with Finnmarksløpet's world championship.

The exhibition can be experienced during Easter week from Monday to Saturday from 12-6pm. Come in for a pleasant art experience and the opportunity to buy unique works from our talented artists.