Dáiddadállu's artists at TIFF 2021

News 19.01.21

Tromsø Internasjonale Filmfestival er en populær filmfestival hvor det kommer både lokale, nasjonale og internasjonale gjester. TIFF ble første gang arrangert i 1991. I 2019 var det til sammen 58 320 publikum. Det er blitt nesten en vane at Dáiddadállu´s kunstnere fyller deler av TIFFs program, og i år er det ingen unntak. Tre av Dáiddadállu´s kunstnerpartnere deltar på årets festival.

Ealat poster1 535x800

As long as the reindeer exist here, so do we

Elle Márjá Eira is a filmmaker, musician and artist. She has produced many short films and has worked on various music projects, including on the film "The 12th Man" together with composer Christophe Beck. Elle Márjjá's film is called “Ealát”. In the film, we follow Elle Márjá and her family's life in reindeer herding. The film is part of TIFF's project "Lockdown".

- Ealát is the first, longer film I have made where I myself am both in front of and behind the camera. It is both special and a little scary. But I have made music videos in the past where I am both in front of and behind the camera. It has been challenging to be both the main character and director, as we were already in a difficult situation last year due to the grazing crisis, she says.

TIFF goes digital

- It is very good that TIFF is turning around and making the festival digital, even if I miss being in the cinema. Of course, I think that watching a film digitally does not give the same experience as watching it in a cinema. But I'm still looking forward to the film premiere and that I'll finally be able to show my film, concludes Elle Márjá.

Ealát premieres next Friday, 22.1.21, at 16:00 on tiff.no. You can find tickets by clicking here.

Elle Sofe 2 Foto Per Heimly

Film talk at TIFF

Elle Sofe Sara is a filmmaker and choreographer, and has now started work on her first feature film, "Árru". Elle Sofe will talk about her new film at TIFF together with, among others, former festival director, Martha Otte.

- I am looking forward to being at the film festival in Tromsø. It will be nice to meet film people again and share the process we are currently in with my first feature film, says Elle Sofe.

The conversation will be live streamed on Saturday, 23.1.21 at 12:00. Click here to access the broadcast.

The film talents meet again

- Last year at this time it became official that I am one of those selected for MERFILMS and Talent Norway's film talent programme. So now some of the talents will meet again and talk about the processes we are in with our films. It will be incredibly fun and exciting to hear what the others are doing. Then it's all led by former festival manager Martha Otte, who is fantastic, she says.

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Cinematographer with two projects at TIFF

Ken Are Bongo is an artist partner at Dáiddadállu, film producer and photographer, and also works as festival manager for the Sami Easter Festival. He has produced many films and TV series, including "Ealát" together with Elle Márjá Eira.

A film on the terms of the reindeer

- We never knew when and how long we would have to be out recording. A small day trip could be several days long because we filmed on the reindeer hunter's and the reindeer's premises. You had to be ready for both a day of admission and a week of admission. Elle Márjá and I have a very good collaboration. I trust a lot in her choices, and she in mine, says Ken Are.

“Post-capitalist architecture TV vol4@TIFF”

Ken Are, in collaboration with Joar Nango, has created a TV series for TIFF. In the series, they investigate themes such as community, belonging and mobile homes. Three parts of the series will be published on tiff.no during the week. On Friday, 22 January, the project ends with a terrific live show at Stortorget in Tromsø.

- We don't quite know how our broadcast will turn out. We will at least show the TV series and talk about the work with the series, and then there will be music and dancing, among other things, so it will be fun, he says.