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Dáiddadállu Talkstage @ NuukNordisk 2023

News 25.05.23

· Bures boahtin · Tikilluaritsi ·

Friday 26 May 2023, Dáiddadállu curates the talkstage program for Reflecting Nuuk Nordic at 12:00-16:30 in Vænskabssalen, Katuaq.

Here, the art- and culturefields will meet to open conversations on topics that are important for the world of indigenous art. We have invited many exciting artists and key cultural actors from Sápmi and Greenland to discuss subjects related to indigenous art. The event is open and we recommend everyone with an interest in issues within indigenous art to participate.

Talk Stage Nuuk nordisk 2023 Fredag 26 mai 2023

· Talkstage participants ·

Dine Arnannguaq Fenger Lynge

· Director of Dáiddadállu ·

Beaska Niillas

· Traditional Sámi handicrafter · Hunter and gatherer · Human rights defender · Politician ·

Qivioq Løvstrøm

· Assistant Professor at Ilisimatusarfik · Chair of Human Rights Council of Greenland ·

Juno Berthelsen

· Board Member in Naleraq · MA in Cross-Cultural Studies ·

Márjá Karlsen

· Riddu riđđu Young Artist of the Year · Duojár ·

Paninnguaq Pikilak

· Artist · Traditional practitioner of Tunniit ·

Arny Mogensen

· Co-founder of Bolt Lamar ·

David Røgilds

· Co-owner and co-designer at Bibi Chemnitz ·

Heather Igloriorti

· Independent curator · Scholar ·

Sajje Solbakk

· Festival director of Riddu Riđđu Festivála ·

Nivi Christensen

· Director of Nuuk Art Museum ·

· Firebrands ·

Ššš Sound and art from Fosen

Poems by Julie Edel Hardeberg

Dáiddadállu stories

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