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Ánná-Katri and Anthoni start a culture studio in Kautokeino

News 15.03.21

Our artist partners Ánna-Katri Helander and Anthoni Hætta are creative and hardworking. A week ago there was a premiere of their project "FÁRUS", which they have created in collaboration with Inger Johanne Oskal. FÁRUS is an art project for young people in Kautokeino. Andreas Leonardsen was also involved in the project. There has been great interest in the project. - We started in November and have trained every week until the premiere. We have worked with music, dance, film and technical equipment, they say.

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Ánna-Katri and Anthoni have both felt a lack of artistic activities for children and young people in Kautokeino over the years, and they now want to change that. They will motivate children and young people to get to know their artistic sides.

- The dream is to influence the cultural life among children and young people in Kautokeino, so that they can grow up with pride. We want there to be as many and good offers here in Kautokeino as in the bigger cities, says Anthoni, and Anna-Katri adds:

- In our childhood, we both knew about being an outcast, and through art we already got to know freedom and belonging. I would dare to say that we know from our own experience how important art can be in youth.

Davvi Divison AS

The collaboration started two years ago, and now they have established a company and building a studio.

- In our studio, various activities will be offered for everyone: children, young people, students, adults. Lounge Sápmi will also move there, and other activities can be arranged at Davvi Division. There it should also be possible to learn to play the piano, drums, learn to sing, play in groups and much more. We also want to offer dance to adults, which can be a fun form of exercise, says Anna-Katri.

Anthony adds:

- We have the same work ethic, we are determined and we are both very diligent, and that is probably one of the reasons why we have such a good collaboration. We really want to raise the self-confidence of Sami youth, and we work very hard for that.