How to reconcile under pressure

DD Podcast Episode 4: How to reconcile under pressure?


Dát ášši lea dušše eaŋgalasgillii.

Thanks to our guests

Mikkel Berg-Nordlie, historian and researcher at OsloMet
Aili Keskitalo, indigneous Rights, Climate and Environment advisor at Amnesty International Norway
Petra Laiti, human Rights defender, Leader of Suoma Sámi Nuorat
Aqqalu Berthelsen, music producer and artist

About this episode

This talk is led by the fantastic Mikkel Berg-Nordlie, who opened the session with:

"The Norwegian Truth and Reconciliation Committee has delivered it's report and one of their proposals is that the Sámi art- and culturefields be strengthened in order to help with their invisioned reconciliation process. This begs quite a few different questions."

In this episode you'll hear our four guests speak about, and reflect around an urgency to reconcile directed towards the Sámi artfield. Dive into an earlymorning Riddu Riđđu Festival lávvusession together with our moderator and guests Aili Keskitalo, Petra Laiti and Aqqalu Berthelsen. We hope you enjoy this talk, and apologize for the wind sounds affecting the sound quality. It turns out that the lávvu, while being a great place for conversations, does have it's limitations as a sound studio.


Produced by Dáiddadállu - Sámi Artist Network

Editing, sound design, and theme music: Anthoni Hætta

Graphic design: Kamilla Marie Triumf Oppheim


The podcast is funded by the Arts Council Norway and The Fritt Ord Foundation.