Bilde 22 08 2023 23 10 29

DD Podcast Episode 3: Indigenous fashion and the language of patterns


Dát ášši lea dušše eaŋgalasgillii.

About this episode

The traditional art and language of tunniit is the passion and lifework of Paninnguaq Pikilak. Márjá Karlsen is a prominent sámi handicrafter and has dived deep into the weaving traditions of her family areas and explores new artistic ways of presenting traditions. Arny Koor Mogensen is a designer and co-founder of the Greenlandic streetwear brand Bolt Lamar. David Røgilds is Bibi Chemnitz partner and co-runs the infamous Greenlandic fashionbrand Bibi Chemnitz.

In this episode you’ll hear their reflections on what lies behind culturally founded patterns and how they can relate to and be elements in fashion and art.


Produced by Dáiddadállu - Sámi Artist Network

Editing, sound design, and theme music: Anthoni Hætta

Graphic design: Kamilla Marie Triumf Oppheim


The podcast is funded by the Arts Council Norway and The Fritt Ord Foundation