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DD Podcast Episode 2: Art is our knife?


Dát ášši lea dušše eaŋgalasgillii.

About this episode

In this episode Beaska Niillas invites Juno Berthelsen, Qivioq Løvstrøm and Stina Aletta Aikio to an exploration of the knife metaphor in regards to art. Listen in as they discuss the different levels of how indigenous activism might relate to our artists and art. In other words; is art as our knife a weapon or can it also be a tool?

Thanks to all participants

Beaska Niillas, Board member of Dáiddadállu, Leader of Norwegian Sámi Association (NSR) at the Sámi Parliament in Norway
Juno Berthelsen, Board member of Naleraq
Qivioq Løvstrøm, Assistant Professor at University of Greenland
Stina Aletta Aikio, Spacial artist

And a special thanks to Julie Edel Hardenberg for sharing her poems in the beginning and the end of this talk.⁠


Produced by Dáiddadállu - Sámi Artist Network

Editing, sound design, and theme music: Anthoni Hætta

Graphic design: Kamilla Marie Triumf Oppheim


The podcast is funded by the Arts Council Norway and The Fritt Ord Foundation