Anitta Suikkari performing.

Making Sami art visible in the international arena

  • Project type Product development

Sami art has enormous regional, national and international interest and potential. Dáiddadállus artists refer to a large number of high-quality productions. Art that needs multiple places/platforms to be displayed on. A constant and large demand made Dáiddadállu curious to explore the potential that this project aimed to reinforce and build on.

Social media is an exciting field under development and a favorable way to reach far. Dáiddadállu saw a common challenge with the artist partners who juggle between producing art and at the same time managing requests, sales, marketing etc. The project is therefore geared towards the artists gaining increased visibility and a larger geographical area of impact in order to stimulate increased opportunities for exhibitions, collaboration and assignments.

Social media is quite new and the rules can change quickly. The project aimed to teach how to use social media as well as teach more about the subject Social Media which is a necessary tool for Dáiddadállu which is located far outside the "central" south. Therefore, it has been important to develop the visibility of Dáiddadállu and the artists in this platform.

Farus liten 2048x1365
Article 3 foto Jamie Michael Bivard 2048x1365
Tondra FOTO ANNA JAROSZ 1600x1600
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Image from the documentary Ealát

Ealát (2021)