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  • Project type Film and stage production
  • Location Guovdageaidnu

EadnámetMaid started in 2020 with a focus on abuse of nature in Sápmi and other indigenous areas worldwide. This is a current topic in light of climate change, natural disasters and land encroachment.

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Sami artists have long worked with nature as a theme - not only as an artistic representation of nature, but also with a focus on the right to land and water, and the right to dispose of the land in terms of sustenance, culture and expression of life.

Our overall work has been about elucidating the connection between ongoing intervention cases, people, health and expressions of opinion through art in relevant environments and public spaces.

The project was initially supposed to last four days, but Covid-19 forced us to restructure the content into digital and hybrid formats, and carry out screenings, exhibitions, productions and physical events over three years and several countries and locations.

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