Govva Dáiddadálu viesus.

Dáiddadállu - An attractive, visible and accessible art arena

  • Project type Product development
  • Location Guovdageaidnu

Dáiddadállu was in a precarious situation without its own premises and was in great need of suitable premises in the short term. Kautokeino municipality is characterized by few vacant premises, and the premises that are available require large investments, and there is also considerable competition for these. We then identified a quick solution where, in 2023, we established a central location in Guovdageaidnu with funding from the Ministry of Culture, Samfunnsløftet, the Sami Parliament and Guovdageaidnu Municipality.

Ferdig redigert HD 3 of 5 1200x800
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Photo: Per Heimly

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Govva Dáiddadálu viesus.