Foto: Dánil Røkke

Hildá Länsman

  • joik singer and songwriter
  • Guovdageaidnu

Hildá Länsman is a joik singer and songwriter hailing from Ohcejohka, now based in Guovdageaidnu. Immersed in the ancient traditions of reindeer husbandry, artistic handicraft (duodji), and joik (luohti) from a young age, Hildá seamlessly blends her rich cultural heritage with contemporary music and visual arts. Her studies at the Sibelius Academy’s Global Music Programme have broadened her horizons, enabling her to collaborate with artists from diverse backgrounds and engage with a wide range of musical traditions. 

Hildá's performances are distinguished by her uniquely ethereal, shrilling, growling, and clear voice, captivating audiences both in Sámi regions and internationally. As a proud custodian of Sámi culture, she passionately upholds the traditions of joik and duodji. 

Hildá Länsman is the front-figure of several critically acclaimed Sámi music groups, including Solju, VILDÁ, Gájanas, and a duo with Tuomas Norvio. With Solju, Hildá performed and composed Mun Čuoiggan (Mä Hiihdän) for leading Finnish pop artist Antti Tuisku's Bailantai Stadium concerts in 2022. Solju's album Uvjamuohta (Powder Snow) was awarded the International Indigenous Recording of the Year 2023 by the Summer Solstice Indigenous Music Awards in Canada. With VILDÁ, Hildá performed in the world premiere of the Finnish National Ballet's "Earthborn" piece in 2022. In 2021, VILDÁ won the MME Talent Awards for contemporary European music, and the duo has toured internationally in Spain, France, Chile, Sweden, Denmark, and Canada. 

Currently, Hildá is immersed in the creation of a pioneering debut album that is set to redefine the boundaries of Sámi music. The album, created in collaboration with Tuomas Norvio, will fuse artistic electronic joik, rap lyrics, poetry, and dance music, resulting in an unforgettable sound. Scheduled for release in 2024, this debut album marks a significant milestone in her artistic journey.

«I find music in the pauses, in the spaces between notes where silence speaks volumes and imagination flourishes.»

SINGELCOVER Čuojahat Mu Hildá Länsman Tuomas Norvio.

In addition to her musical endeavors, Hildá is dedicated to perfecting her on-stage attire based on Sámi duodji and integrating video art into her performances. This holistic approach aims to offer audiences a more immersive and culturally enriched experience, reflecting her deep connection to Sámi traditions and contemporary artistic expression.

Dánil Røkke

«I find music in the pauses, in the spaces between notes where silence speaks volumes and imagination flourishes.»

Hildá photo by Meeri Koutaniemi

«The sight of a beautiful duodji piece fills me with exhilaration and deep emotion. You might even hear a small shriek of delight escape me when I come across a visionary work. Bold and vibrant colors ignite my imagination, inspiring my hands to create.»

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