Anitta Suikkari

  • 1956
  • Actress
  • Guovdageaidnu

Anitta Suikkari is an actress and instructor from Guovdageaidnu, but with roots from Finnish Karelia. She has a long career as an actress in theatre, film and television production. Anitta has also worked as an instructor in theater and stage, TV and radio. She has received several awards and nominations, both for personal achievement and as an actress in award-winning productions.

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Get to know Anitta Suikkari through this filmportrait.

Anitta Suikkari doin a solo performance.

Solo performance JO BLANK. Photo: Aslak Mikael Mienna.

Anitta Suikkari performing with a work in progress.

Work in progress, Suoidnekaboom with Dáiddadállu in 2023. Photo: Jan Cato Nilut.

«I am very proud of the art projects via Dáiddadállu. It has challenged me to investigate other media»

↳ Anitta Suikkari, 2023.

Nominations for personal achievement:

  • 2012 - nominated for Hedda 2013 for Best Supporting Actress for the role "Sirina" in "Silbajávri" by Rawdna Carita Eira. Directed by Haukur Gunnarson. Beaivváš Sámi national theatre.
  • 2004 - nominated in Amanda for Female Actress of the Year 2004 for the role "Susanna" in the feature film "BAZO". Directed by Lars Gøran Pettersson. Prod. Filmagoahti, Zentropa, Filmpool Nord. The film also Amanda-nominated for Film of the Year 2004.

Anitta has done many solo theater performances, including "JO BLANK" by Ellisiv Lindqvist in 2022, directed by Mette Brantzeg. Furthermore, she has been involved in several art projects through Dáiddadállu.

«When you work with performing arts, you often only see the result and not the barren road of blood, sweat and tears. There can be a lot of swearing, chewing gum and lozenges before you get to the finish line.»

↳ Anitta Suikkari, 2023.
Anitta Suikkari performing.

Reindeer & power under Pile ó Sápmi Supreme, 2018. Photo: Tomi Guttorm.

Ulvemakt i Fosen 2022 Foto Ánne Kátjá Gaup

Wolfpower in Fosen, 2022. Photo: Ánne Kátjá Gaup.

The latest feature film production Anitta has been involved in is "Eallogierdu - The Tundra within me" directed by Sara Margethe Oskal, which will have its Sápmi and Norwegian premiere in 2024. The film had its world premiere during the Toronto International Film Festival in 2023.

Anitta Suikkari has lived and worked in Sápmi since 1988. Since then, she has always been in a teaching position when it comes to the Sámi language and cultural knowledge. One of the actor's most important tools is the ability to empathize. Empathy means that you can put yourself in someone else's position and feel for them. In that way, you can also become a medium for Sami issues when you convey them.

Anitta Suikkari, Perfomance og rominstallasjon KLIMATERRA 2022

Perfomance and room installation, KLIMATERRA, 2022. Photo: Dine Arnannguaq Fenger Lynge.

Som Sirina i Silbajávri av Rawdna Carita Eira 2013 Foto Hans Olof Utsi

Performing Sirina in Silbajávri of Rawdna Carita Eira, 2013. Photo: Hans Olof Utsi.

«I'm a hard-working actor who tends to be easily irritable.»

↳ Anitta Suikkari, 2023.