Máret Ánne Sara

Máret Ánne Sara (b. 1983) is a Northern Sámi artist and author from Guovdageaidnu on the Norwegian side of Sápmi. Sara is the initiator and founding member of the Dáiddadállu Artist Collective in Guovdageaidnu and is part of a new generation of Sámi artists who work to maintain and improve the rights of the Sámi communities. She is known for experimenting with varied materials, approaches and collective art actions, and her artistic practice makes visible the political and social issues affecting the Sámi people, especially the reindeer herding communities, with a critical view on the ongoing colonialism. 

Sara has exhibited visual art since 2006. In 2017 she exhibited her “Pile o´Sápmi” project at Documenta 14 in Kassel, whereof the main piece of 400 bulletridden reindeer heads was acquired by the National gallery of Norway in 2018. Sara is one of three Sámi artist who will represent Sápmi in the Nordic pavilion at Venice Biennale in 2021.

Sara has also published two novels, Ilmmid gaskkas (In between worlds), 2013, and Doaresbealde doali, 2014. She was nominated for the Nordic Council’s Children and Young People’s Literature Prize 2014 for Ilmmid gaskkas, her debut novel which was published in Northern Sámi, Norwegian and English. 



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