Elle Sofe Sara

Elle Sofe Sara, based in Guovdageaidnu, is a choreographer and director who works at the interlaces of video art, filmmaking, theatre and dance. In her works she regularly sheds light on the social, political and cultural peculiarities and challenges of the Sámi People. She holds a Master’s degree in Choreography at the Oslo Academy of the Arts and studied Dance at the Laban School in London.

Elle Sofe is one of the founders of Dáiddadállu/ Sámi artist collective.

2019 for Elle Sofe

“ This year, 2019, I am premiering two shortfilms, developing my first solo performance work and restaging a performance from 2011.

Giitu giitu/ Thank you Lord premiered in January at Tromsø International filmfestival with great success. And in October my new shortfilm Ribadit/ Pulling in the belt will premiere in Canada.

In addition I am a guest curator togehter with Mia Habib and Sudesh Adhana at CODA Oslo International dance festival, where I show a work in progress of my first solo performance Juohkke nubbi/One in two. This performance is a choreographic reflection about the statistics that one in two Sámi woman exprience sexual violance.

I am also restaging a performance from 2011 Beatnaga ii galgga/ Don´t judge the dog by it´s fur that also will be shown at CODA festival October 20.” – Elle Sofe Sara-


Dance performance
Juohkke nubbi/ One in two (2019)
áhallan (2012)
Beatnaga ii galgga gulgii geah
ččat/ Don´t judge the dog by it´s fur (2011)

Giitu giitu/ Thank you Lord (2019) 

Ribadit/ Pulling in the belt (2019)
Sámi Bojá/ Sámi boy (2015)
Juoigangiehta/ The yoiking hand (2011)
Biegga savkala/ The wind whisphers (2007)







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