Anitta Suikkari

Anitta is born in Finland, now living in the heart of Sápmi, Kautokeino. As an actress and director she has been working at various theatres, groups and projects in Norway and Sweden where, for the past twenty years, her work has mainly been concentrated on Sámi theatre and Sámi issues while occasionally acting in films and TV-series.

Some say her hallmark through several decades of work has been strong solo-performances or monodramas, the first being “Kalevala” staged 1984 in Oslo by Sampo Teater, a free group she was running together with Mette Brantzeg who has been directing several of her solos including “Kalevala”.

Her latest solowork “ Mun lean Inanna/I am Inanna”, directed by Haukur J. Gunnarsson and produced by Beaivvaš Sámi Nasjunálateáhter recently visitedfestivals in Guatemala, India and Bangladesh.

Anitta has directed monodramas including Makka Kleist in “ARNAQAT ”, Mary Sarre in “Dearvvuođat/ Greetings” and Sara Margrete Oskal in “Boazobanni /Reindeer Snoop Deer“ and “Agon /Granny”. Her latest group related work was directing the new sámi play “Reaktor”, written by Kenneth Hætta, at Giron Sámi Teáhter on the Swedish side of Sápmi.

Autumn 2016 she will again enter the Beaivvaš Sámi Nasjunálateáhter stage in Guovdageaidnu.


– In 2004 I was honoured by a nomination for the Norwegian Amanda film -award for leading actress in the sámi film “Bázo“,directed by Lars Göran Pettersson , produced by Filbmagoahti.
– In 2013 I was happy to be nominated for the Norwegian Hedda theater-award as best supporting actress in the part of Sirina in Silbajávri a new sámi play written by Rawdna Carita Eira ,staged at Beaivvaš Sámi Nasjunálateáhter


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