Around the Corner the Yoik of the Wind


Sven-Harrys Konstmuseum , Stockholm, Sweden

The exhibition Around the Corner the Yoik of the Wind offers an insight into a remote and yet proximate geographic and cultural landscape: Sápmi, or Lapland. Like the traditional Sami yoik song, which metaphorically embodies a particular person, animal, or landscape, the exhibition provides a counterweight to a simplified and often stereotypical way of depicting “the other.” The show features art , parts that combine to form an emotional whole, each made by Sami visual artists who give voice to a world that is complete—but mutable and elusive.

Participating artists:

Britta Marakatt-Labba (Sv)
Geir Tore Holm (No) 
Máret Ànne Sara (No)
Katarina Pirak Sikku (Sv) 
Joar Nango (No) 
Matti Aikio (Fi) 
Outi Pieski (Fi) 
Silje Figenschou Thoresen (No) 
Marja Helander (Fi)
Aslaug Magdalena Juliussen (No)
Sissel M Bergh (No)
Synnøve Persen (No)
Erika Stöckel (Sv)
Lada Suomenrinne (Fi)
Elina Waage Mikalsen (No)

Currated by Carola Grahn and Maria Ragnestam

The title from the exhibition is from a poem by Inghilda Tapio from the collection «Inte för det att», 2001.

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