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Episode 1. What makes indigenous artists tick?


Episode cover by Kamilla Marie Triumf Oppheim


In the first episode «What makes indigenous artists tick», you’ll join Dáiddadállus talkstage led by Dine Arnannguaq Fenger Lynge in getting to know our participants, Beaska Niillas, Juno Berthelsen, Qivioq Løvstrøm and Stina Aletta Aikio. 

With backgrounds ranging from the Deatnu riverside to Nuuk in Greenland and Indigenous politics to spacial arts, Beaska, Berthelsen, Løvstrøm and Aikio, open up about what has driven them to their professions. They discuss their differences and find common values in their motivations, as they share stories that they have carried with them on their journeys to where they are today. 



Thank you to all participants,

Dine Arnannguaq Fenger Lynge (Daily manager at Dáiddadállu)

Beaska Niillas (Board member of Dáiddadállu, Leader of Norwegian Sámi Association (NSR) at the Sámi Parliament in Norway)

Juno Berthelsen (Board member of Naleraq)

Qivioq Løvstrøm (Assistant Professor at University of Greenland)

Stina Aletta Aikio (Spacial artist)


And a special thanks to our artists for letting us use their Fosen sound-art at the end of this episode: 

«Ššš» by Máret Ánne Sara with Dáiddadállu – Sámi Artist Network and Tenthaus Oslo.


Produced by Dáiddadállu – Sámi Artist Network

Editing, sound design and theme music by Anthoni Hætta 

Graphic design by Kamilla Marie Triumf Oppheim 

Funded by Kulturdirektoratet and The Fritt Ord Foundation


For more information about the program where these episodes were recorded: 

Dáiddadállu talkstage @NuukNordisk23


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