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Sarakka Gaup

  • 1991
  • Actor
  • Oslo, Norway

Sarakka Gaup or Eallána Bireha Áillu Sarakka is an actress. Her hometowns are Oslo and Guovdageaidnu. As a performing artist, she has many matters of her heart, and like it best when she gets to work versatile; both thematically, geographically and expressively. Nevertheless, Sarakka thrives best when she gets to work in Sámi contexts; with Sámi language, politics and co-players.

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Get to know Sarakka Gaup through this filmportrait.

Sarakka is a trained actor from the Academy of Arts in Oslo (Formerly Statens Teaterhøgskole.) From 2023, she is emloyed by Det Norske Teatret. Sarakka has work experience from Sámi national Theatre Beaivváš, Hålogaland Theatre, Giron Sámi theatre and Riksteatern in Sweden, Kloden Theatre, Den Kulturelle Skolesekken. She also has experience from film, series, dubbing, poems and poetry, and the free performing arts field.

Sarakka has received severel scholarships, such as The Sámi Parliament's art and culture scholarship and Sparebank1 Nord-Norges Talent Scholarship. She received Young artist of the year award at the indigenous festival Riddu Riđđu.


Riksteatern, Photo: Carl Thorborg


Kirsebærhagen, Photo: Håvard Andreas Krogstad


Class picture, Oslo National Academy of Arts, Photo: Johannes Laukeland Fester Sunde


Photo: Erik Berg

«In many of the productions I have been involved in, Sámi has been an important factor, as I have worked in Sámi, at Sámi institutions, with Sámi themes. These are matters of the heart for me, where I feel that the best of several worlds come together. Then it feels meaningful to be an actor.»

↳ Sarakka Gaup, 2023.

As an actor, Sarakkas instrument is, among other things, her body, language, experiences, voice. And in this, her identity as Sámi is quite natural. So by being her, her profession can have a Sámi perspective just by virtue of the fact that she practice it. Nevertheless, Sarakka is also "only" an actor, and not always concerned with wanting to be defined in the box "Sámi actor."

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Iđitsilba trailer. Film by: Elle Márjá Eira.

«I thank the theatre, and especially the Sámi National Theater Beaivváš, for teaching me Sámi. I am eternally grateful for that, through play, stage work and wonderful co-stars, I was able to take back the golden language, in the workplace that my father helped to found.»

↳ Sarakka Gaup, 2023