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Roger Ludvigsen

  • 1965
  • Musician & composer
  • Guovdageaidnu

Roger Ludvigsen is considered as one of Sápmi's most important musicians and composers. He is well known in the music industry both within and outside Sápmi, and has worked with a number of big Sámi artists such as Mari Boine, Inga Juuso, Niillas Holmberg, as well as Anneli Drecker, Nils Petter Molvær and Sidsel Endresen. He has composed music for several feature films and various theater plays. Roger has also been involved as a producer in "Muitte Mu" TV show, and as an artist in "Sápmi Sessions" TV program.

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Dáiddadállu Stories, 2020. Film by: Forest people.

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Photo: Per Heimly, 2023.

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Photo: Per Heimly, 2023.

Roger has won a number of prestigious awards in his career, such as three Spellemann prize together with Mari Boine, the award for Producer of the Year 2018 from the Sámi Music Awards and Audioland, and the Nordlys prize 2019. He has also played at several Nobel Prize awards and at the wedding of The Crown Prince Couple of Norway in 2001. He is currently also working on several theater projects.