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Bernt Mikkel Haglund

  • 1970
  • Musicproducer
  • Guovdageaidnu

Bernt Mikkel Haglund produces and publishes Sámi music. He has produced and released over 40 albums with joikers and artists in the last 20 years. Bernt Mikkel was born in Guovdageaidnu, but grew up in Rælingen.

He started playing drums in a band as an 8-year-old and in a rock band at secondary school. When he started at musiceducation at Manglerud upper secondary school in 1986, music became an important and large part of his life, and he understood in which direction he should go. After 2 years at the Norsk lydskole (Norwegian Soundschool) and a few years in Oslo as a musician, live and studio technician, he moved back to his roots in Guovdageaidnu. There he first worked at the Beaivvaš theatre, and eventually started the record company Rieban. Music is the core of Bernt Mikkel's life, and he finds meaning and joy in composing and producing music on a daily basis, alongside working as an organist in Guovdageaidnu and Máze Church.

From 2001-2012 he produced the Sámi Grand Prix album, and through this became acquainted with a number of Sámi artists and joikers. He has, among other things, produced the debut releases of Elin Kåven, Annbjørg Hætta, Inger Marie Nilut and Piera Eira. In recent years, he has developed a collaboration with traditional joikers who want his music for their joiks. Joikers come up with joik suggestions, and Bernt Mikkel selects the joiks he likes best and manages to make music for them.

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Photo: Johan Mathis Gaup

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Photo: Johan Mathis Gaup

Bernt Mikkel Haglund & joikers is a live concept with the traditional joikers Mikkel Mathis Hætta, Johan Ivvar Gaup, Piera Eira and Elen Marianne Utsi, which springs from the joik collaborations. The group has already performed as the main artist at the biggest festivals in Sápmi, Ijahis Idja in Finland, the Easter festival in Guovdageaidnu and at the Jokkmokkmarknaden on Swedish side of Sápmi. The live concept has in a short time helped to revitalize traditional joik, and is helping to make Traditional joik a current music genre for young people in Sápmi. The releases have been well received by, and appear as an exciting mix of modern music and traditional joik. Bernt Mikkel has been nominated for producer of the year in the Sámi music awards 2 times, and has been nominated for song of the year in sápmi 3 years in a row for these releases.

In connection with the 10th anniversary of Dáiddadállu, he has composed and produced a concert in Collaboration with joiker and artist partner Ingá Márjá Sarre, which premiered during the Easter festival in Guovdageaidnu this year.

Bernt Mikkel contact:

Mail: berntmikkel@hotmail.com