Ann-Sofie Kallok

Ann-Sofie Kallok

  • 1980
  • Designer & duodjár
  • Guovdageaidnu

Ann-Sofie Kallok is a duodjár (craftswoman) and designer who makes unique products with a modern Sámi expression, e.g. jewellery, prints and interiors. With deep respect and extensive knowledge of duodje, she creates products that in different ways capture attributes from Sámi culture and presents them in an innovative way. In this way, she allows tradition, knowledge, soul and heart to find new ways into new contexts.
Ann-Sofie grew up in the Stockholm area, but after high school she moved back to her ancestors land in Jåhkåmåhkke and today she lives in Guovdageaidnu.

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Get to know Ann-Sofie Kallok through this filmportrait.

CSV jewellery made by Ann-Sofie Kallok

ČSV earrings. Photo: Johan Fredriksson

Ann-Sofie is educated in duodje (Sámi handicraft) at Sámi Educational Center in Jåhkåmåhkke and an engineer emphasising on Innovation and Design at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Since 2022, she has been a board member of DDS, Duojáriid ja Dáiddáriid searvi (Association of duodji & art practitioners).

In 2023, she co-curated the exhibition DDDDD - Duot Dát DD Dáidda, which accompanied the Finnmark race at the stations in Alta, Kautokeino, Tana, Kirkenes and Karasjok. It has also been exhibited at Nuuk Nordic in Greenland and at S.A.L.T in Oslo.

Her jewelry was also exhibited at Duojáriid ja dáiddáriid searvi's member exhibition at Gaaltije in Östersund.

Kred Sara Vuolab 2

Earrings. Photo: Sara Vuolab.

Portrayt of Ann-Sofie kallok.

Ann-Sofie wearing gerak. Photo: Johan Fredriksson.

Kred Johan Fredriksson och Ann Sofie Kallok 2

Earrings. Photo: Johan Fredriksson.

Bracelets made by Ann-Sofie kallok.

Suohpan bracelet. Photo: Johan Fredriksson.

In 2022, she participated with her jewwelery at the Romssa Duodji & fashion show at the Town Hall in Tromsø and with duodje at Duojáriid ja dáiddáriid searvi's member exhibition at the Sámi duodji in Jåhkåmåhkke and at Galleri Skáidi in Nihkkáluokta.

She also participated in the duodje exhibition Buoris Vaden Gerak!/Welcome back Gerak! at the Sámi duodji in Jåhkåmåhkke.

Another exhibition participation is Fetish Modernity in 2014, which was an international traveling exhibition. This was a result of a collaboration between ethnographic museums within the framework of the European project "Ethnography Museums and World Cultures" (RIME). The exhibition was shown in Madrid, Prague, Vienna, Leiden and in Stockholm.

«Duodje requires great skill and is a strong link to Sámi roots which connects us to our history, family and people around us and acts as a language that, for those who can read it, tells about the bearer.»

↳ Ann-Sofie Kallok, 2023.

There are centuries of experience and knowledge behind duodje as it looks today, but at the same time it is a living cultural heritage that adapts to each time period and thus helps to create each and every one's identity in their own completely personal way.

Necklace made by Ann-Sofie Kallok.

Necklace. Photo: Ann-Sofie Kallok

Kred Johan Fredriksson 4

Work in progress. Photo: Johan Fredriksson.

In 2020 Ann-Sofie had a window exhibition in Alta called Nærbilder. Furthermore, several of her products have been purchased for the Ájtte museum's collections in Jokkmokk. Finnmark County Council used her work as an event logo for Kulturforum Finnmark in 2019 and Beaivváš Sámi national theatre used a carpet designed by Ann-Sofie in the scenography for the performance Dá lean mun in 2017.

Currently Ann-Sofie is working on a very exciting collaborative project which will result in a work of stage art with a premiere in easter 2024.

Contact Ann-Sofie: 
Tel: +47 98668952