Dáiddadállu's values and principles

Sami epistemology is the basis of Dáiddadállu's work. We emphasize holistic thinking, openness and solidarity between each other, sustainability for nature, people, animals, our culture and our industries. Dáiddadállu is confident, brave, generous, honest, committed and pioneering.

Kred Johan Fredriksson och Ann Sofie Kallok 1
Untitled 1 photo Susanne Haetta 1800x1200

We work to develop and highlight art and artists in Sápmi. Our foundation and starting point is in Sápmi. We live, work and develop with the basic principle that our work contributes to developing and safeguarding a healthy and vibrant Sápmi. This means that we work with the goal of achieving fair, lasting and sustainable development via our institution and through all our activities. Justice, health and livability, permanence and sustainability apply to both people, animals, nature, language, culture and industries in our society. We recognize that the traditional Sami values and worldview are naturally built on sustainable thinking, and therefore the Sami values are a natural starting point and foundation for our institution and our activities as well.

The nature in Sápmi, Sami society and people are in the minority and are often under strong pressure from outside interests. Sami political power is severely limited. As a consequence of this, artists often work with heavy and difficult themes, with the aim of highlighting and challenging the status quo. We want to facilitate strong artists and an open and safe environment for Sami artists so that they can move across borders. Interpersonality and communication are central values for Dáiddadállu. Communication applies to all life, both in the physical and spiritual sense.